Just Jax Organix

Our products brighten/whiten teeth, kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, and alkalize your mouth while you sleep. Users report 7 hours of a smooth plaque free feeling. You will wake up with fresher breath AND you can use it for oil pulling as well. None of our products contain sweeteners or artificial flavors so think salty not sweet. 

Some years ago I changed my eating habits (vegan) which led to an overhaul of all my toiletries. I started to investigate what was in the products I was using and how it affected my health and I started creating my own natural alternatives.

Did you know that sodium lauryl sulfate (the foaming agent in toothpaste) is also patented as a pesticide and is used to clean septic tanks? I don't use products with fluoride either mainly because its been banned in other countries and the links to Alzheimer's.

I decided to stream my product on IG live and now I sell it online all over the world. My dentist raves about the condition of my teeth and overall oral hygiene. 

P.S. Be kind to your temple, be kind to your planet!





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