Exfoliating mitt
Exfoliating mitt

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Exfoliating mitt

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This exfoliating mitt is made from PURE viscose, with 4 telltale black strips running along the side. It sloths off dead skin and is ideal on rough patchy areas of the skin, particularly legs, knees and elbows.

1-3 scrubs per week are enough to keep your skin ultra luminous and free of pesky ingrown hairs as well as old dead skin. Pair it with your favorite hydrating soap and follow up with your favorite oil.

Bacne will become a thing of the past if you use it with a salycilic wash especially after conditioning your hair. Conditioners, sweat and dirt tend to clog pores on the back whilst creating a breading grown for acne.

Great for the bikini area in order to prevent ingrown hairs caused by waxing and shaving.